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Jul. 25th, 2017 08:38 am
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Yesterday was a bit of a frenzy!

I made a loaf of low carb bread, 12 hb eggs in the IP, salmon in the IP, made salmon salad with all that and some of the farm share veg. Ran the dishwasher, and later that night made two kinds of fat bombs (dark chocolate & nut and blackberry coconut).

I used some stevia sweetened almond butter I got in the July KetoKrate, and let me just say, I fucking HATE stevia. It tastes Soooooo Nasty. But I also hate waste, so into the fat bombs it went. They still have the nasty aftertaste, but I like dark chocolate enough that I think I'll eat them.

Today, I have lunch with dad, then a goal of more belly dance DVD practice, so I guess I'd better get to treadmilling now!

Things accomplished in real life:

Jul. 20th, 2017 09:12 pm
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-installed various sensors for security system
-figured out how to make it stop beeping
-swept the back patio
-installed "monitored by..." signs
-warped loom for a new piece
-checked school email; posted on teacher FB
-got alarm activated
-made casserole: oven roasted veggies, then mixed with smoked sausage and cheese, baked for thirty at 350°
-figured out some art stuff won't work, but came up with a solution

Things accomplished IRL

Jul. 17th, 2017 01:41 pm
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This morning I got up and:
-ordered a home security system
-took care of my alarm system permit with the city
-made baseball plans with dad
-made lunch plans with mom
-contacted the university HR department about tracking down my retirement account with them
-ordered a few small things off Amazon (thread to finish a baby project, skinny blonde hair elastics which are impossible to find in stores, a side sleeper pillow, and a thermacare wrap)
-shared some school materials with a new colleague (which produces severe imposter syndrome)
-balanced my checking account with YNAB.

That may be enough. I think the rest of today will be crafts, chores-I-want-to-do, and either watching Castlevania or Star Trek.

But tomorrow, we HAVE to switch the closets, Precious. We HAVE to.


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