Sep. 11th, 2007

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as some of you know, i’m in the process of watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer the TV series for the very first time.

Up until recently i had never felt more than a fleeting impulse to watch the show. Sure, i love vampires – what healthy, red blooded, american girl doesn’t. i went through the usual goth period of girls my age. And more that half my clothes are black. And i had watched the movie, and unlike so many people, i liked it.
mostly for the “You threw a knife at my head.” “But you caught it.” “You threw a knife at my head.” and for the backflips. because backflips are sexy. Given all this, one would think i’d have been eager to watch the show. But instead I was certain that is would be every bit as watch able as the American La Femme Nakita series, and so took against the show and had watched, before this week, part of two episodes.

I’m a big snob. I love television. But only good television. So i spend a lot of time nodding and smiling, when people are talking about shows i don’t watch, (like Lost, which may be good now, i don’t know, but it was utter crap when it first started) or fleeing from the room, when they talk about shows i despise, (like Survivor,) well i’ve nodded and smiled about Buffy for years. But somehow the show, and it’s creator Whedon, reached a critical mass. They are so hugely popular, so thoroughly a part of contemporary culture, that everyone on Earth assumes i’ve seen them. And i’m inclined to believe that they are right to do so. Any thing that much a of alt culture -- geek, whatever – is something i should have at least a passing familiarity with. People talk about Buffy and Firefly and Whedon’s work in general in the same way that once upon a time people talked about Star Trek or Anne Rice. Twice at Dragon*Con i was unable to hold a conversation with someone because not only do i not read Xmen and all that, but i failed to respond to the lowest common denominator, the most accessible topic possible: Joss Whedon. And even “hip” people (read non-geek, non-gamer people) assume i’ve seen Buffy, at least.

So i’m watching Buffy. And i’ll be posting my take on it for the enjoyment of the maybe three of you who might be interested.

Season One:
First comment, Williow is much sexier than Buffy.
Second comment, Where are the floppy haired boys?
Third comment, Is it wrong to think Giles is the sexiest guy on the show so far?
Fourth comment, Xander is a big goob.
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a vast improvement over season one.
although, basing the whole season on the premise that evil is much, much sexier than good was a bit of a risk...well, maybe it wasn't. but only because Whedon seems to do a really angsty good by default. i swear good can be sexy, even more so than run of the mill evil. it just usually isn't written that way. more's the pity.
giles and xander both learn to kick ass, making them both better all around. (and sexier)
seth green! oh how i love him.
still no floppy hair.


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